Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Boron Steel Disc Blades

For decades, agricultural equipment has relied on conventional steel for use in disc blades and other components; and with good reason – just about every piece of machinery in the world relies on steel for its construction, from cars to buildings. However, engineers and professionals are always looking for ways to improve and make products even more efficient – which is why boron steel has become more and more popular among those looking for replacement disc blades and tillage tools.

Boron steel first became popular as a component in automobile construction. The hardness of steel is affected by carbon content – with denser steel containing more carbon. Car manufacturers want to provide safety and quality in construction – but denser steel also means weighing down their cars, making them less efficient.

Engineers found that Boron was an incredibly effective way of increasing the hardness of steel, without adding extra weight. Boron steel could be made harder than conventional steel, allowing it to last longer and have more resilience. This hardness translates perfectly to the needs and uses of disc blades.

Boron steel disc blades offer superior hardness to conventional steel disc blades. What does that mean for tillage tools? Disc blades containing boron steel are able to more effectively cut through packed soils because they are so much more dense – making for more effective plowing and planting. The extra hardness in boron steel also means that these blades last longer and are less resistant to warping or cracking; and keep their edge for longer.

When first introduced, boron steel was a concern as it couldn’t be made as sharp as conventional steel, and it was difficult to roll an edge onto these blades, but modern technology and methods have allowed boron steel blades to be just as sharp as their conventional steel cousins. 

At Wearparts LLC, we specialize in replacement disc blades designed to fit a variety of tillage equipment from the leading brands including John Deere, Rome, Case IH and Sunflower. Disc bladesis the primary focus of our line of tillage tools – we not only offer disc blades in a variety of sizes and concavities, but also custom disc blade fabrication services. Call us at 1-888-4-BLADES to learn more.


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