Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ripper Points

Ripper points are used to penetrate soils and cut through compacted soils, and allow for air and water to seep into such fertile grounds to create a suitable planting environment. Having high quality ripper points are critical to cultivating soils and creating an appropriate soil tillage environment.

Rippers can be defined as attachments used on crawler tractors, tracked shovels or tractors that boast one or more shanks with hardened steel “teeth” at the ends. These teeth are drawn into the ground to literally “rip” through compacted soil and provide penetration for water, air, and seeds. Both OEM and aftermarket manufacturers offer replacement ripper points for agricultural equipment.

Rippers can come as a single – single shank/giant ripper – or in groups of two or more – multi-shank variants – but usually a single shank is preferred for heavy ripping duties. With agricultural ripping, a farmer breaks up rocky or formidably hard earth, such as podzol hardpan, which is otherwise unsuitable for agriculture.

From Big Ox, Brent, Brillion and Bush Hog to Case, Deere, International and Krause, Wearparts LLC carries a multitude of high-quality premium ripper points from an equally respected roster of manufacturers. Whatever the agricultural project, there’s guaranteed to be the right tool for the job at Wearparts LLC. Just about any size, configuration and finish can be found on Wearparts’ ripper parts page including bolt-on chrome cap types, bolt-on three-inch bolt center styles and quarter-inch shank variants. Shop our online store today for a variety of tillage tools including disc harrow blades, coulter blades, ripper points, and more.

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