Friday, March 7, 2014

How the Patterns of Different Coulter Blades Affect Performance

When selecting coulter blades for plows and other agricultural equipment, farm owners and agribusiness professionals are faced with a plethora of choices – different sizes, patterns and materials. At Wearparts LLC, we offer coulter blades that are made with boron steel, offering superior soil penetration and a longer wear life, and we offer a variety of disc diameters to fit modern agricultural equipment. But choosing the right pattern for your needs can be a challenge. Below are the most common coulter blade types, with application suggestions.

Fluted Coulters This type of coulter is able to penetrate into an exceptionally deep part of the soil, yet the device only minimally disturbs the surrounding soil because of its relatively thin design.

Fluted coulter blades feature countless small grooves on the surface of the tool and a smooth edge. Fluted coulters are available in diameters of 16 to 22 inches and  thicknesses of 4 to 5 mm.

Bubble CoultersThe uniform protrusions of bubble coulters allow the blades to create a row with a width of slightly more than one inch when they are traveling at a speed of six miles per hour. The flat edge lets the tool cut through hard soil and residue swiftly. Boron steel bubble coulters from Wearparts LLC are available in diameters of 16 or 17 inches

Smooth Coulters This style of coulter was first used in the 19th century and is one of the earlier advancements in agriculture technology. Smooth coulters have the ability to cut debris from plants and to create an eight-inch cavity in the dirt. Additionally, farmers have reported that the usage of smooth blades causes the soil to become especially soft. Smooth coulters from Wearparts LLC are available in diameters of 12 to 36 inches, and thicknesses of 3 to 10 mm.

Wavy CoultersAt slow speeds, wavy coulters till the soil more aggressively than any other devices on the market. The curves of the equipment allow the tool to spread the soil more evenly than other coulter types.

These blades are particularly effective when three of them are used simultaneously. According to highly experienced farmers, two of the blades can create a wide planting strip, while one of the blades will cut deeply into the dirt and residue. We offer wavy coulters that have diameters of 14 to 24 inches.

Notched Coulters Notched coulters feature large protrusions at the end of the disc and are designed to penetrate soil that is exceptionally thick, offering the ability to cut through residue even when traveling at high speeds. Wearparts LLC provides notched blades with diameters of 15 to 25 inches and thicknesses of 3 to 8 mm.

Getting Your CoultersChoosing the right disc coulters can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. At Wearparts LLC, we have years of experience in helping agricultural businesses find the right tillage tools and parts they need to get the job done. Call us at 1-888-4-BLADES today and we’ll help you find the right coulter blades, disc blades and other components you need for tillage success. 

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