Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Field Cultivator Parts

As a farmer, you know how important field cultivators are to your business. They’re the machine of choice when it comes to preparing seedbeds before you plant. At Wearparts LLC, we offer a full selection of field cultivator parts and have the knowledge to ensure you get the right parts for your tillage needs.

How Field Cultivators Operate

These devices are designed to eliminate weeds and to properly till the soil before seeds are planted in a field. Cultivators feature sweeps that are positioned 10 to 25 inches apart from one another. Many devices also have large rollers, cultivator shields and cutting discs.

Conventional Sweeps

Wearparts LLC offers three types of cultivator sweeps that can be bolted onto the field cultivator. The smallest component has a width of seven inches, and the largest sweep features a width of ten inches.

The front of each part has a sharp point with a curved design, and as a result, the sweep will naturally dig as deep as possible into the soil to eradicate weeds and to bring fresh, damp soil to the surface of the field.

Our conventional devices also have wings that increase the width of the area that each part is able to cultivate.

Sweeps With Curved Wings

Curved wing sweeps feature widths of six inches to twelve inches, and the angles of the sweeps vary from 47 degrees to 52 degrees. Each of our devices is able to be attached to the cultivator by using two bolts.

The curved sides of each sweep allows the wings to penetrate into particularly thick soil and to till a wider row than the conventional sweeps. Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that a sweep with curved wings and a width of ten inches is able to remove 25 percent more weeds than most conventional devices.

Reversible Double Point

Reversible double points feature holes for the bolts in the middle, and the long, thin design allows them to reach more deeply into the soil than other parts. In spite of this benefit, sweeps that have double points usually won't be able to till an area that is as wide as conventional sweeps.

Sweeps with double points are able to last twice as long as single point sweeps. As soon as one side of the device becomes dull, the user can simply flip the double points and reattach it to the machine.

Getting the Parts You Need
Wearparts LLC provides free shipping for all orders that have a total cost of more than $2,000. In order to request a free price estimate for any of our products, you can visit or call 888-4-BLADES. Our knowledgeable team will help you find the field cultivator parts, ripper points and other tillage tools you need for agricultural success.

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